Iasi Brief

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Why is Iasi so Famous ? Find out the etymology of the name Iasi here.

Iasi City is situated North-East Romania, the region of Moldavia, in Iasi County. Although Cucuteni ( see also Cucuteni Culture ) was found to trace back some 5000 years ago, Iasi city itself was first documented in 1387 AD.

Iasi was in the past an important crossing point of the commercial roads linking Western Europe to Russia and Constantinople therefore it slowly turned to be the most important
city in the area.

Nowadays it proudly bears the name of the Capital of the Moldavian region and between 1859 and 1862 was also the capital of Romania.

Iasi has a population of approx. 350,000 spread over 96 square kilometers ( 37 sq. miles).

Main Distances by car to other important cities in Romania:

Iasi to:

269 miles
180 miles
234 miles
260 miles
322 miles
264 miles
180 miles
85 miles
415 miles

Telephoning to Iasi

0232 or 0332 ( depending on the provider ) + phone number  – if dialed from a phone registered in Romania
+ 40 232 ( or 332 ) + phone number if dialed from abroad.

Iasi Map


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